Mission of The ATA India

Our Mission

  • Research, education, camaraderie and dissemination of technical analysis of world markets. The IFTA societies support sharing technical analytical methodology that at its highest level is a valid, and often-indispensable element in the formulation of a reasonable basis for investment decisions.
  • Promotion of the highest standards of professional conduct, international cooperation and scholarship between all its Member and Developing Societies within all arenas of technical analysis.
  • Providing centralized international exchange for information and data of various financial centers while respecting individual country and Society business practices, legal structures and customs.
  • Encouraging the standardization of education and testing of its constituent members in technical analysis, making sure that each individual country’s security analyst licensing, legal and language /communication priorities continue to be individually accepted.
  • Fostering the establishment of individual societies of technical analysts without bias in regard to race, creed or religion. It supports the need for maintaining a free and open worldwide markets under normal, and in particular crisis periods.

As a growing bridge of communication worldwide, The ATA India remains open to methods of technical analysis, while encouraging the consideration and support of membership for both developing and established societies.

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