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The Association of Technical Analysts (The ATA India) is India’s meeting place for technical analysis of financial markets. ‘The ATA India’ is a non-profitable association with the main objective to promote the use and understanding of Technical Analysis.

Promote Technical Analysis

The primary thrust of the association is to promote technical analysis education to enable its members to be more effective traders and investors. The ATA provides its members with the place to share ideas, information & different trading methods in the most exhilaration environment

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What is Technical Analysis?

Technical Analysis is the study of prices in freely traded markets with the intent of making profitable trading or investment decisions. Technical analysis is rooted in basic economic theory. Consider the basic assumptions presented by Robert D. Edwards and John Magee in the classic book, Technical Analysis of Stock Trends: • Stock prices are determined solely by the interaction of demand and supply. • Stock prices tend to move in trends. • Shifts in demand and supply cause reversals in trends. • Shifts in demand and supply can be detected in charts. • Chart patterns tend to repeat themselves. Learn Technical analysis and become certified Technical Analysts with us | CeTA – The Association of Technical Analysts, India | The ATA India | read more…

A technical analyst, or technician, is a securities researcher who analyzes investments based on past market prices and technical indicators. Technicians believe that short-term price movements are the result of supply and demand forces in the market for a given security
An individual who enjoys working with numbers and statistical data may enjoy a career as a technical analyst. Technical analysts evaluate the constant fluctuations of the stock market and provide critical investment information to their clients. read more…

Technical Analysis refers to using past prices (or volume) to make your trading decisions. This can be tools like candlestick patterns, chart patterns, technical indicators, trends, etc. read more…

The purpose of technical analysis is to help the investor make a more financially sound investment decision. The price is the key to success in stock market investment. … Price fluctuations and stock value before and after important events. History of volume and trading levels. Read more…

Technical analysis, on the other hand, is about analyzing past price action and from that deriving a predictive model for the future.
In general, fundamental analysis is more useful for long term trades and investments, whereas technical analysis is more useful from a short term perspective. Read More…

Technical analysis can provide very accurate price predictions. Many novices expect recommendations from technical analysts or software patterns to be 100 percent accurate. … Traders betting their money on technical recommendations should be aware that technical analysis provides a predictive range, not an exact number. read more…

Anyone who is interested in the subject of technical analysis and wants to learn it in detail. Read more…

Upon completion of the course, you will have a good understanding of the technical analysis process and will know why it is an important element in financial planning and execution. Read more…

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