Technical Analysis courses

The study of Technical Analysis is an analysis methodology for forecasting the direction of prices through the study of past market data, primarily price and volume - Wikipedia


Technical Analysis Certification – Membership

This certification consists one exam to provide the basic knowledge of Stock market and Technical Analysis to new member of The ATA India. This is a compulsory and qualifying certification to earn the membership of The ATA India.
The exams are intended to test not only your technical skills knowledge but your understanding of the basics of the financial services.


Certified Technical Analysts

The CeTA Certification consists of Two Exam which together constitutes a complete professional program. Passing both exam examinations culminates in an award of a world class professional qualification in Technical Analysis.

The exams are intended to test not only your technical skills knowledge but your understanding of the ethics and the market.


Certified Financial Technician

The IFTA Certified Financial Technician (CFTe) consists of CFTe I and II, which together constitute a complete professional program.

The two examinations culminate in the award of this internationally recognized professional qualification in Technical Analysis.


Master of Financial Technical Analysis

IFTA’s Master of Financial Technical Analysis (MFTA) requires an original body of research. It is intended to be a rigorous demonstration of professionalism in the global arena of technical analysis.

It is anticipated that most candidates for MFTA will have some academic background, and this should convey the high standard against which these papers will be judged.

Key FEATURES of Technical Analysis

You know when to enter and when to exit

Using technical analysis, traders get to know when to enter and when to exit as per the signals generated by the indicators. This reduces the dilemma and enhances the accuracy.

Short term market indication

Yes, the short term trend of the market can be analysed using technical analysis. Fundamental analysis may not be of the best usage in this case. If you wish to deploy funds in any asset by taking a little risk and quick gains- technical analysis can help you out.

Provides all necessary information

Buyers and sellers keep moving their stance based on news, corporate actions and any other activities happening in the markets. Now, we can’t know all that unless we are top shots or indulge into insider trading. But, the sentimental changes are always reflected on charts and chart study is a part of technical analysis.

Can be used in any segment

All market trading is based on patterns of human behavior, patterns which then appear on price charts across markets.Be it cash or commodities or indices,technical analysis can be used to analyse any of the above.

History can repeat

Technical analysis is largely based on common patterns, finding those patterns again and using them to trade.The general construct is always similar like for example if XYZ stock has always reversed from a point in past, the next time when stock reaches the same spot, traders can view and take some action.

Helps in reading minds

Technical analysis helps in understanding the prevailing sentiments and actions which are taking place in the market. Using this one can actually plan whether to go long or short. For example if RSI shows its overbought and stock prices tend to fall, it means people are booking gains.

Trend identification is it’s primary function

Much of technical analysis is about determining when a trend is in place, when it isn’t and when it is reversing. Traders get an edge because of the same.

Time your entry

Technical analysis can help you to time your entries which fundamentals cant’t. While fundamentals can suggest that the stock price of a company can rise,technical can suggest when they will rise and till what extent.

Can be used in any time frame

Short term or intraday traders cant make money using fundamental analysis,hence technical analysis comes to their rescue.Technical analysis can be used on any time frame, whether you trade daily or weekly charts, or trade 60 second binary options.

Some crucial levels are still being used by pros and big accounts

200 day moving average, 100 dma, volume profile etc are still constituents of trade setups of several big account holders. You definitely want to be in their side and not against them. For the same purpose technical analysis can help you out.

Others Features

Past and Current Stock Price Prediction
Easily Identify Support and Resistance Levels
Helps Time Entry Points
Easily Spot Trends


Make a Stable career in Technical Analysis

ATA, India is proud to present all time famous CETA Certificate course in Technical Analysis. This course goes beyond covering the concepts of technical tools and seeks to include even elements such as Context analysis, Trade selection, Risk address, Software usage etc.

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